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Sep 12

Functional programming (Haskell) - prelude

It’s been a while since my last post, but I hope to get back to regular writing, so here it starts.

I’ve been trying to get into functional programming for a while, almost a year now, but without any major success. I’ve given a try to Scala, Clojure, even a little bit of Erlang, but nothing really caught me for long enough to trully learn it.

But this changed when Chris Granger announced Light Table. It was the first thing that pulled me back into learning Clojure, but since it’s still in development, I just scratched the surface.

This is not where the story ends, recently I decided that I really have to learn some functional programming. I’ve been avoiding the hard things by using languages like Scala, which is just not good enough for learning purposes.

So here it goes, I decided to learn Haskell. Not just read a book about it, I trully want to learn it, understand it, and write at least one usable application using it.

In Haskell there is just one way to program, you can’t mix in a lot of OOP as you can in Scala, so I will be forced to understand everything.

People say that Haskell is hard in the begining, and then it gets super easy once you pass the initial resistance. I hope that will be my case too.

I’ve started with the book Real World Haskell and soon I’m going to try to Write myself a Scheme in 48 hours in Haskell.

Stay tuned for some articles about functional programming.

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