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Best ways to make money on the Internet


This will be the largest issue with 100 adequate ways to make money on the Internet with a description of the earnings scheme, with the first steps and a demonstration of how much you can earn on it!

And in this issue I will show where I get the money from and how you can do the same.

And in general, look through my insta (boshnikov) and see where I usually spend the winter and travel. You can draw any numbers on the Internet, but you can’t fake a lifestyle.

And you will 100% have a question, how to find and determine which way to make money on the Internet that is right for you and where to start?

For convenience, I have placed all 100 ways to make money on this chart, where there are 2 axes:

– the level of skills that is required to make money on this method.

That is, in the upper left square there will be ways in which you can earn a lot of money with minimal skills.

And in the lower right – there is little money and you need to be very pumped.

Write in the comments, right now, which square do you like the most? At the end, I promise to show my strategy and explain its effectiveness!

Go! 100 ways to make money online! We will walk along our squares from the simplest way to earn money to the most complex and highly profitable.

Left bottom square

Let’s start from the bottom left, which does not require any skills and can earn the first money in 1 day.

1. You may have already seen the first method if you have ever looked for something about Earnings on the Internet – earnings on small tasks such as like, repost, click, register, etc.

One of the services is vktarget.

Scheme: register, add your social network accounts (I advise you not to do it through your main ones), tasks appear on the main one – do it. There are few of them, so you can set notifications and perform without being distracted from the main work.

How much you can earn: 50 rubles / day

I have already earned more than 5000 rubles for the entire test.

2. And what if you don’t have a computer, but you want to make money on the Internet? Then the second way of earning comes on the scene: download free applications on your phone and get from 5 to 150 rubles per download.

Site examples: AppCent, Apperwall, AdvertApp

How much you can earn: 100 rubles / day

In this block there is a whole list of such services. They pay for seemingly strange actions:

listening to music
for reading other people’s letters
for watching other people’s videos
for online surveys.
3. But in this square, I also included, for example, earnings on YouTube cover design.


learn how to make covers for YouTube channels using free YouTube videos (there are countless of them)
invite all YouTubers to draw covers in a personal and show your portfolio (it’s enough to make 10 works with famous bloggers)
cover price from 100 to 900 rubles.
How much you can earn: if you make 2-3 covers a day, then about 1000 rubles / day

I order covers from these guys all the time and I’m satisfied!

These are only 3 ways out of 29 in this square. But let’s not dwell too much here. Methods from another square give me more than $ 5000 / month on the machine.

I’ll show you everything!

And let’s agree right away: How to earn the first money in at least one of these ways – write in the comments!

Top left square

Ok, Google, is it possible to have a lot of money and at the same time not be able to do anything?

Can! Then you are in the upper left square: there is a lot of money with minimal skills (or those that are directly easy to get).

But I must say right away that a number of methods are very dubious or risky in my opinion.

The first way out of this square is TikTok! Yes! No matter how doubtful I am about it, but now I am paid $ 250 for advertising for a short video up to 60 seconds.
I release 1 video every day and spend only 5 hours a month on it.

This is the easiest way to make money with minimal skills, even if you don’t know what to shoot about)

How much you can earn: >1000$/month (taking into account that there will be 4 commercials per month, but in fact there are more).

Since I warned that this is a dumb square, I simply have to show you dubious ways. This one is suitable only for girls (there are, of course, successful men). Onlyfans service.

Scheme: Post hidden content and people pay a monthly subscription to be able to see it. This is usually done with erotic content. Girls show seductive content on social networks and say that more on online. And there is paid access.

Fans of such content seem to have nothing to pay 5-50 $ / month, but in the end huge sums accumulate)

How much you can earn: onlifans models earn $25,000/month or more.

But I am a supporter of more environmentally friendly methods that can work on a passive)

For example, the third way to make money on the Internet from this square is affiliate programs!

I love them!

Here you do not need to have your own product, product or super experience. You just need to advise other people’s services/products/services and get % of the sale.

At the moment I am earning more than $2000/month on affiliate programs:

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