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FDA warns to stop selling e-cigarettes that teens love

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on a mission to clear the air of cotton candy clouds. The federal agency has made an official announcement. warning letter to 189 stores Responding to allegations that retailers are selling illegal e-cigarettes and related products. Thursday press release.

Specifically, the FDA is cracking down on teens. Favorite Bape-Elf Bars and Esco Bars disposable e-cigarettes There are “flavors known to appeal to youngsters,” such as gummy bears, bubble gum, and cola, and are not FDA-approved.depending on the release. Elf Bar is the most popular disposable e-cigarette brand among teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19, despite being illegal. Created by the Chinese company iMiracle Shenzhen, this is just one of many brands. e cigarette brands emerged as a result of FDA banned line. Elf Bar has been cited more times than any other brand in recent incidents of accidental e-cigarette exposure. Poisoning ReportAccording to FDA data, it occurs most often among children under 5 years of age.

The FDA said it sent a newly-announced warning letter to stores in 30 states between June 5-16, followed by a “national retail inspection blitz.” Earlier in May, the agency pointed out this. sent a letter A total of more than 570 e-cigarette warning letters were issued to manufacturers, distributors and sellers across 30 stores. The FDA claims that “after receiving a warning letter, the vast majority of companies correct the stated violations.”

If stores don’t stop selling battery-powered flavor sticks, the agency said it plans to take further steps to keep sellers in line. FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf said in his press release, “The FDA stands ready to use its full powers to keep these and other illegal and juvenile-directed products out of the reach of children.” “We are committed to a multi-pronged approach that uses regulatory, compliance and enforcement measures and education to protect our nation’s youth.”

USA Banned all flavored vape pods.S More than intended tobacco or menthol flavor The FDA policy prohibits the manufacture, distribution and sale of such e-cigarettes and gives companies and sellers a 30-day compliance period from the effective date. Only short list of e-cigarette products have been approved. FDA approved. But apparently, flavored vapes that go beyond sanctions persist across the country, especially those that exude visual appeal on TikTok and other sites. social media here Elf Bar vapes are popular accessories.Essay.

However, the FDA limited set Enforcement tools are at your disposal. You can issue a civil penalty (e.g. fines) issue a permanent injunction— Legally requires companies and stores to stop violating. Unauthorized products may be confiscated. But that’s all. There are no criminal penalties here. Despite fines and lawsuits filed by the agency in recent months, new illegal vape products and brands have surged and e-cigarette sales increased dramatically between 2020 and 2022. Newly released CDC data. To stop the endless river of delicious vape juice, the agency may have to change tactics.

Some studies show that vapes actually It can help people who want to cut back. when smoking traditional cigarettes. However, other studies suggest that e-cigarette use still carries serious health risks. gum disease, chronic lung diseaseand cell damage. Whether vapes are as harmful as cigarettes is an unresolved question. Either way, the FDA doesn’t want kids drawn to bright colors and sweet smoke to become guinea pigs.

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