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Food and drink in Bahrain

The variety of restaurants in Bahrain’s food scene is outstanding. The main dining room is Adlia. There are plenty of cafes to choose from in Adliya, such as Coco’s (great food at a reasonable price) and Lilou’s (extremely popular with residents who want to see and be seen). Mirai is an exceptional Japanese restaurant, ideal for special occasions. The area has trendy salons/restaurants such as Zoe’s and Block 338.

In Bahrain, restaurants range from modest stalls serving local cuisine to upscale eateries in five-star hotels.  In shopping malls and city centers you can find expensive Western-style eateries and (mostly American) franchises offering upscale cuisine.

Juffair has a famous alley known as the “Alley of Americans” due to the large number of American eateries in the area.

Its original reserves of delicacies remained intact and persisted for many years, despite the influence of the numerous civilizations that prevailed there.  Machbus is one of the most famous snacks. It contains either meat or fish. Muhammar is another popular dish.

Samba and delicious soft cookies are popular snacks in Brazil. For dinner, aromatic, light saffron noodles are often prepared with a spicy omelets. Kuzi is an additional treat. This dish consists of roasted lamb stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, onions and various seasonings. Khobz is a typical soft, fluffy bread. This is a huge flatbread fried in a special oven. Numerous Hobz bakeries can be found throughout the Arab nation.

Lobster stew is an enduring classic dish. This dish is a perennial favorite among foodies and lovers of regional cuisine. Fresh fish from the Persian Gulf is another integral component of Bahraini cuisine. Here perch is the most popular fish species.

It is usually grilled, fried in boiling olive oil, or steamed. Safi (tastes like rabbit), Chanad (mackerel) and Sobediti (bream) are also popular types of fish.  A century of British dominance in the Gulf transformed the ubiquitous fish stew into thin fried chips.

Here coffee is known as Gahwa. This is a normal part of the reception. It is usually placed in a Lalla coffee pot. The aromatic drink is served in a coffee cup called finjan. Every family has a special secret recipe for a strong drink. Bahrainis treat guests to fragrant pastries or oriental sweets with gahwa. Their selection will amaze even the most discerning gourmets. Chocolate fudge should be consumed with a cup of coffee by every tourist visiting Bahrain.

Balalit (breakfast) is the most important meal of the day in all cultures of the world, including Bahrain. Balalit is an exotic oriental dish. It mixes sweet and savory ingredients in one design. An omelette with “sprouts” of chopped sweet and cardamom caramel is placed on top of the noodles.

This makes the food filling. If you are trying the dish for the first time, it may take some getting used to. However, you will love this dish once you understand its taste. Children prefer balalit for breakfast because of its sweetness, taste and subtlety.

Most locals eat a massive plate of rice and meat for lunch. Most makhboos are prepared at home or in restaurants. Machbus is a cuisine that all travelers must try. Machboos is made from a mixture of spices including black lemon, saffron, black pepper and cardamom, which give it its distinctive flavour. Adhari offers the most delicious makhba in Tabriz. This dish is incredibly popular among local Saudis who frequent restaurants in the city.

Sambusa is another delicious snack. It’s perfect for any occasion. You can use meat, poultry, vegetables and cheese as fillings for the Arabic snack. In Manama, the best sambusa can be found at Abdul Kader. There, serving countless visitors begins at 5 am. The tables are almost always occupied.

National culinary traditions are being formed. The national cuisine has many original dishes. Traditional Arabic, Indian and Pakistani dishes are also available. Rice is quite popular here. Used as a side dish and when preparing pilaf.

Rice is also used in making makhboo. This dish is prepared from fish or pork, garlic, cardamom, turmeric, white raisins and tomatoes. The cooking uses a complex mixture of spices, popular in Indian cuisine, known as masala.

This dish is decorated with pine nuts and fresh herbs. To create Tikka skewers, two marinades are prepared: one of ginger and lemon juice, and the other of beets and yogurt. Various types of meat are used in the cooking process. The marinade gives it a wonderful, rich color and aroma.

Another notable beef dish is dajaj. Chicken is cooked in tomato sauce. For its preparation, zucchini, potatoes, onions, and seasonings are used.  During the holy month of Ramadan, only light meals are consumed. Jarish is one of them.

It is made from wheat and beef with the addition of butter or sheep fat. Wheat can be steamed or boiled (coarsely or finely ground). Served with cinnamon, sugar and melted butter. The consistency can be of different densities. This dish has been around since the tenth century.

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