make money without investment

How to make money at home without investment

Today, thanks to the Internet, work from home is available to people of various professions. Depending on the amount of free time, you can choose a job both for a full day and for several hours. The level of earnings will depend on many factors, including the demand for the profession and your ability to self-organize.

First, decide how much time you are ready and able to devote to remote work, which area suits you best, and what resources will be required. Remote work does not always involve a free schedule. If strict working hours do not suit you, look for vacancies with a free schedule or work “for yourself”. However, in all these cases, it is necessary to be able to properly organize working time in order to perform duties as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Most often, offers from various companies, including individual entrepreneurs, are posted here. It is better to look for orders from private clients on freelance exchanges or through thematic groups on social networks. There are a lot of freelance exchanges today,, and are considered the most promoted and popular. Here you can find work in the field of design, programming, graphics, advertising, etc.

How to make money on the Internet

Working from home usually requires a computer with a stable internet connection. A good connection will be needed not only for those whose work will be directly related to the use of a computer and the Internet. Even if you plan to make money selling your own products, you will need to promote your products, and without Internet access, this will be almost impossible. Popular ways to make money at home: Tutoring Rewriting, copywriting Translations 3D-modeling Accounting and auditing services Administration of online stores Filling sites with content Maintaining groups in social networks


Distance learning is relevant and convenient for people of all ages. If you teach foreign languages or specialize in other subjects, you can conduct lessons online via Skype, Zoom or other services. To find students, you can register on the website, or place an ad on your pages in social networks.

Rewriting, copywriting

There is no significant difference between these two concepts. Both rewriting and copyright involve writing unique texts for the purpose of advertising. In the traditional sense, copywriting is the writing of an author’s article based on personal experience and knowledge. It is the complete originality of the text that is the main difference between copywriting and rewriting. Rewriting is rewriting someone else’s article in your own words. One particular article is often used as a source.

Today, the concept of copywriting includes many areas. This can be writing informational texts, advertising slogans, scripts for videos, product descriptions, etc. Texts must be well structured, unique, without spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. To start working as a copywriter, you can register on one or more Internet exchanges, for example,, or Today there are a lot of copywriting exchanges, you can register on several and choose the most convenient for you. Jobs for copywriters can be found on job search services –,, and others.


If you are fluent in any foreign language, you can take orders for translations. Such work pays well, especially when it comes to rare or complex languages. To find clients, you can post your resume on job search sites or advertise on your social media pages. Often orders for translations are placed on copywriting exchanges.

3D modeling

Creating 3D models or visualizations can bring in a good income, but this requires the appropriate knowledge and skills. If you want to get into the field of 3D design and make money in the future, look at what programs for three-dimensional modeling are currently available, find tutorials for beginners on the net and evaluate how this profession is right for you. Most often, orders for specialists in the field of three-dimensional graphics are placed on freelance exchanges.

Administration of online stores

Having experience to work as a remote administrator or PC operator is usually not a strict condition. Companies often offer training for a couple of weeks and then start full-fledged work. Responsibilities are determined by the employer. This can be taking calls, placing orders, interacting with the company’s customers by e-mail or through a special service on the site. If the applicant’s duties include communicating with clients by phone, a workplace isolated from extraneous noise is required.

Filling sites with content

A content manager is a specialist who is engaged in filling the site with graphic and textual information. In small companies, the content manager often performs all the work on filling the site on his own. In large firms, the duties of a content manager may include managing employees, including freelancers, who perform work to keep the site up and running.


You can monetize not only popularity in social networks, but also your favorite hobby. Initially, you will have to spend money on buying the necessary consumables, as well as think about ways to sell your product. If you already have some kind of hobby, and you have managed to accumulate enough experience in this area, you can safely take orders for work.

If there is no experience, but there is a desire to try your hand at some kind of art, you will first have to undergo training. It is very important to practice well in the chosen area in order to subsequently create quality things. It is impeccable quality that is the basis of successful sales. If you want to sell expensive products of your own production, they must be made from good and safe materials.

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