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How to make money on Instagram: 8 profitable ideas

Anyone can make money on Instagram, regardless of their age, place of residence or education. It is enough to learn a few new skills.

You can skip ads through

Since today almost every coffee shop or photo studio has an account, there are usually no problems finding customers. And administrators are always needed by bloggers, celebrities, online stores, beauty salons and various specialists. To get started, learn the basics of SMM promotion. To do this, you can take an online course, watch a few webinars or read books. All this, if desired, can be learned in a couple of months.

Create masks and covers

You can design beautiful round icons for the archive of stories using special editor applications. For example, Adobe Sketch or Canva. It is enough to set a suitable background and apply ready-made pictures or calligraphic inscriptions. With masks it is more difficult, but the price for this is already different. There are lessons on how to create them on the developers’ website and in the public domain on the Web. The simplest mask can be made in just a few minutes.

Drawing avatars

You can also learn how to process photos in Photoshop and Lightroom to start selling presets (a ready-made set of settings) or retouching pictures for money. Instagrammers are ready to pay 150 rubles. for one processed photo. In addition, people who know a lot about the design of checklists, guides, trackers and other information products of bloggers are in demand today.

 Only in this case advertising can “work”.

Specialists in the development of advertising layouts come to the aid of Instagrammers. Today, Instagram sells entire online courses for those who decide to join their ranks. But if you have Internet access and basic skills in working with graphic editors, you can easily master this business. To get started, try installing the Mojo, Instories, and InShot apps on your smartphone and start practicing.

As a rule, it takes about 20-40 thousand rubles to attract 10 thousand followers.

To get started, transfer your profile to a business account – this way you can collect all the necessary statistics. Potential advertisers will want to see it to gauge the effectiveness of your profile ads. After that, start promoting. Start buying ads in related accounts, sponsor contests, and comment on posts by big bloggers.
If you master the principle of setting it up, you can earn from 15 thousand rubles. for one advertising campaign.

Before targeting, it is very important to prepare your account for advertising, including correctly filling out the profile header. This small block under the avatar is also called “bio”. It contains short, up-to-date information that clearly reflects the essence of the blog and instantly grabs the attention of the audience. The cost of registration of one “hat” starts from 500 rubles.

Webinars and online courses

According to many bloggers, their main income comes from author’s online courses, webinars and master classes. With the help of these information products, they share their knowledge about blogging, photo editing, training and sports nutrition. It should be unique and useful information presented in understandable language.

In other words, an info product is a packaged experience. If you know how to shoot captivating stories or have developed your own technique for writing sales texts, teach your subscribers this. It will help to prepare a high-quality information product and increase user confidence. The main thing is not to forget to indicate all the conditions for such cooperation in the contract.

Participation in draws

To make money on Instagram, it is not necessary to learn something or spend time promoting the page. The blogging community often organizes contests and marathons with large cash prizes and valuable gifts. In order not to “clog” the account with unnecessary subscriptions, many social network users create a special page for giveaways.

There is no deception here: bloggers conduct various activities to increase engagement, reach, and audience growth. True, it is quite difficult to become a winner in the drawing of millionaire bloggers – because of the large number of participants. To increase your chances of winning, pay attention to giveaways and marathons organized by Instagrammers with a small audience.

How to make money on Instagram: Selling goods and services

Social networks are rapidly capturing the sales market. Since it simplifies the buying process for people. You can sell anything on Instagram. For example, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, trinkets, etc. And you can also advertise the services of any specialists. Lawyer, psychologist, programmer, coach, stylist and many others.

To start, it is better to start selling goods or services that you are familiar with. Having any skill, you can easily transfer it to the online sphere, just by starting to share experience in this area. The entrepreneurial skill can be used to open an online store. For example, about makeup will help you share the intricacies and nuances of the makeup artist profession on your blog, offering along the way personal consultations or advanced makeup courses..

Earnings on advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is the main type of income for a blogger, which is easy to implement. The only difficulty in such monetization is the “invisible” threshold in the size of the audience.  Of course, even with a smaller audience, you can create advertising posts, but in this case, the income is proportional to the number of subscribers.

Clients for advertising can be found in different ways. For example, on special sites on the network, by acquaintance or with the help of a personal request from a client.

The amount of income can be, with 30 thousand active users, about several tens of thousands per month.

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