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Late dinner – can you eat before bed?

Who has ever come home late and not savored a hearty dinner? The habit of eating at night becomes the norm. This regime is unsafe: metabolism is disrupted, excess weight appears. Changing your diet and normalizing your diet will help return your health to normal.

Ideally, you should say goodbye to carbohydrates at the latest – at five in the evening. Afterwards, cortisol, a stress hormone involved in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, decreases in the body.

The classic version, which is followed by nutritionists and fans of proper nutrition: the last meal should occur no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.  If work forces you to go to bed late – at one or two o’clock – you can eat at ten or eleven in the evening.

The main thing is that the body has time to digest food, otherwise during sleep it will spend energy on digestion and not on rest. You shouldn’t throw away all the fats and carbohydrates that are in the refrigerator.

A dinner that is too dense will not have time to be digested by a tired body. The body can’t cope and leaves everything “for later” – in the folds on the stomach and sides.

What dinner to choose in the evening

An old Russian proverb advises giving dinner to the enemy, but nutritionists do not agree: you cannot send your body to sleep hungry, this disrupts metabolism, causes problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and contributes to glucose surges.

You need to eat in the evening, and the diet should contain the necessary vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. In moderation. Dinner makes up about a quarter of your daily calorie intake (approximately 400 kilocalories). A balanced diet helps you lose excess weight.

Top 5 dinner foods that nutritionists approve of:

Eggs. Contains B vitamins and protein. You can use them to make an omelet with cheese, vegetable pancakes (mix mineral water with an egg, pour it into a frying pan, make several pancakes). Vegetables can be stewed separately or finely chopped and added to the egg mixture.

Cottage cheese.  Make cheesecakes and casserole from it.
Seafood. Fish is a source of vitamins D, A, K, contains iodine, calcium, minerals, and proteins. The main thing is to take low-fat varieties: pollock, carp, catfish, pike.

Lean meat. Both chicken and turkey will do. Chicken is easily digestible and is considered a source of easily digestible protein, vitamins B and A, and up to 90% of essential amino acids. Turkey is generally considered a dietary product. You need to steam or boil the meat.

Vegetables. The main source of fiber necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. As a side dish, you can choose raw or steamed vegetables; pureed soup is also suitable.

You definitely shouldn’t eat fatty red meat, pickles, smoked meats, fruits with a high sugar content (it’s better to leave bananas for breakfast), yoghurts and sweet cheeses, and soda, fast food and processed foods are strictly prohibited – hold on tight.

What can you eat before bed after dinner?

A light snack is not a crime, nutritionists say, but it really should be light. Suitable:

Vegetable smoothies. The body will be pleased with smoothies made from leafy vegetables, herbs, and celery.
Green salad. You can add quail eggs to it. This diet will not overload the body.
A product that is beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract – normalizes the functioning of the liver and intestines. You can bake beets and eat them before bed without the risk of finding extra pounds.
Grapefruit. A healthy product that activates the fat burning process, normalizes cholesterol, and improves intestinal function.

Is it possible for people on a diet to have dinner after six in the evening?
What about those who are on a diet? It is believed that the norm of food in the evening is 250 grams for women and 350 for men.

The ideal ratio of the contents of the evening plate is 1 part protein and 2 parts side dish. When preparing a diet, it is important to consult with doctors. They will help you choose food that will give you energy and will not contribute to excess weight gain.

How and when to eat dinner for overweight people

There is simply no ideal formula, because excess weight is often accompanied by certain types of diseases. The first step is to consult a doctor. The diet is compiled taking into account ailments. For example, with a normal metabolism, you can eat a baked apple with honey for dinner if you have gastrointestinal diseases, this is not recommended, because apples cause flatulence.

The evening diet should not contain carbohydrates, grains and sugar. It is advised to avoid dairy products – they can raise blood sugar levels.

Proper nutrition is welcomed by both doctors and the body. However, nutritionists and nutritionists note that a sharp transition to PN, when many restrictions suddenly appear around, is also harmful to the body. Strong control can lead to stress, and this also negatively affects metabolism.

Choosing a diet should be a conscious step, and you need to eat in such a way that every meal gives you not only energy, but also pleasant emotions.

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