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Top 10 dishes of Italian cuisine Choice

Pasta, pizza, lasagna, tiramisu are transported to sunny Italy from the first bite. This selection contains the best dishes of Italian cuisine. Bon appétit!

Pasta with chicken

Pasta is the national food of Italy. Moreover, this is the name given not only to the dish itself, but also to all pasta products. There is no traditional pasta recipe: Italians prepare it differently in each region. But there are classic options such as Carbonara, Bolognese or Fettuccine Alfredo.
Its main ingredients are fettuccine, fried chicken fillet and a delicate sauce made from cream, butter, grated Parmesan and nutmeg.

Famous pizza

Traditional Italian cuisine begins with pizza: aromatic, with a crispy crust and delicious toppings. This is exactly how one can describe the popular Margherita pizza, which was invented in 1889 by the chefs of Naples for the wife of the Italian king Umberto I.
We offer a simple recipe for which you can take ready-made pizza dough. To prepare you will need mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil.

Lasagna with meat sauce

Lasagna is another Italian dish that originated in the southern regions of the country. Despite the variety of recipes, lasagna with minced beef remains a classic option. The basis of the dish is pasta in the form of thin sheets, which are filled with two sauces: creamy béchamel and tomato-meat Bolognese. The top of the lasagna is sprinkled with grated Parmesan, which adds piquancy and richness to the dish.

Classic dessert with coffee

This famous Italian dessert began to be prepared in northern Italy back in the 17th century. Now tiramisu is on the menu of many cafes and restaurants, but you can safely prepare it at home!
This is a delicate delicacy made from Savoyard cookies with an airy cream of mascarpone cheese, beaten eggs and powdered sugar. The coffee that soaks the cookies gives a special touch to the dessert.

Burrata is soft in taste, tender and rich due to the cream.
Arugula adds a slight spiciness to the salad with nutty notes, and pine nuts provide additional benefits and a sweetish taste.
A delicious salad that is suitable for an Italian-style dinner or holiday table.

 Vegetable soup

Minestrone is a traditional Italian soup made from a lot of vegetables. To make it more healthy and flavorful, take fresh seasonal vegetables. Traditional pasta, fresh herbs and grated Parmesan for sprinkling are responsible for the Italian flavor in minestrone.

 Assorted sandwiches

What could be simpler than homemade sandwiches? Bruschetta is a similar Italian appetizer, the main condition for its preparation is a baguette toasted in the oven. It is smeared with cottage cheese or pesto sauce, and topped with a filling of tomatoes, basil, salmon, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado. For a richer flavor, add fresh herbs and a pinch of ground pepper.


Another famous Italian dish that is considered haute cuisine. The main product of risotto is round Arborio rice, which is rich in starch. The most popular version of risotto is prepared in butter with white wine, onions and mushrooms. It turns out just like the photo in the cookbooks!

Risotto is one of the favorite dishes of Italians; it is based on rice. To taste this dish, it is better to visit Lombardy and enjoy the exquisite taste of Milanese risotto. One of the features of this dish is the addition of saffron, which gives the risotto a yellow color and a unique taste.

Salad with tomatoes and sauce

Capers is a bright Italian salad that is definitely worth trying. The red, white and green colors are reminiscent of the national flag, and the taste transports you to cozy Italy. Choose juicy tomatoes and homemade pesto, which will add a nutty, rich flavor.


Frittata is an Italian fried egg and a good option for breakfast or dinner.  A classic frittata is made from eggs, tomatoes, onions, cheese and fresh herbs.

We invite you to look at this delicious dish in a new way: cook it with hunting sausages, sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta. The omelets will be rich and savory, and the soft cheese will make the taste creamier.


Pizza is a national Italian dish, one of the most popular in the world.  Today, the most popular are “Margarita”, “Marinara” and “Four Seasons”. And only thanks to King Ferdinand II, who lived in Naples and especially loved pizza, it began to be served at the royal table. It is in this city that you can taste the most delicious pizza in Italy.


Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish that resembles a layer cake. For lasagna, durum wheat flour is used, layers of dough can be alternated with minced meat, mushrooms or vegetables combined with Bolognese sauce, the top is sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. There are other variations of this dish.


Gelato is a native Italian dessert with a unique taste, the pride of national cuisine. This dessert is based on whole milk and low-fat cream, with a lot of sugar. Various additives give it a special taste and aroma: fruit puree, grated nuts, chocolate, berries. Gelato is prepared on site and is practically not stored; it is served chilled.

The production of this dessert is carried out by specially trained people – elaterite, in special establishments called gematrias. The variety of types, varieties and tastes of gelato is amazing; it is rightfully considered the most delicious ice cream in the world. The best gematrias are in Rome, the first one opened in 1800.

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