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Top 10 Online Jobs You Can Learn Online

The Internet profession is interesting tasks and a good salary. We talk about the most popular specialties and what you need to start working online.


What it does: launches, sets up, analyzes and adjusts advertising campaigns in social networks in order to tell about the brand or bring as many interested customers to the site as possible.
To do this, he needs:

● Understand how each of the social networks works: who uses it and how, what are the trends and features.

● Be able to look at ads from the user’s point of view: what will interest him? What are his pains? What will motivate him to click on the link?

● Monitor competitor campaigns.

● Be an analyst and strategist: monitor the performance of campaigns in the advertising account, draw conclusions about people’s behavior and reconfigure ads.

● Achieve set KPIs: increase website conversion, brand awareness or customer loyalty.

Pros of the profession:

● You can work remotely.

● Income from 50 to 300 thousand rubles.

● Easily and quickly master the profession at a basic level in a couple of months.

● No need to learn technically complex tools, buy an expensive computer, pay for special software and services.

● There is room for improvement. You can grow horizontally: study contextual advertising and become a traffic manager. You can – vertically: up to a performance marketer or head of targeted advertising department.

Disadvantages of the profession:

● A freelance targetologist competes for a client not only with colleagues, but also with digital agencies.

● You often have to start with small freelance projects, with a small and unstable income.

● Popular sites are constantly changing, as are the principles of their work, and some become completely unavailable. If you specialize in two or three social networks, tomorrow your knowledge may not be relevant.

Demand: as of April 2022, there are more than 600 vacancies on According to HeadHunter, from 2016 to 2019 alone, the demand for targetologists grew 45 times, overtaking SMM specialists and media buyers.

Daria Dobrego, product manager of performance marketing courses:

– The profession of a targetologist is an ideal balance: on the one hand, constant work with tablets and other data-driven approach (data-based decision making. – Ed.), On the other hand, there is a place for creativity and experimentation. You never know for 100% what exactly will “shoot”, so you have to use your imagination.

This is not easy: it happens that you have already tried everything, you have run out of ideas, and the project has not reached the required indicators. If you are not ready for this and want your actions to always lead to predictable results, targeting is unlikely to suit you.


What he does: writes texts to promote goods and services. These can be blog articles, social media posts, email newsletters, press releases. To write a clear and useful text, you need to study the company, product, analyze statistics on old texts, and talk with an expert.
Pros of the profession: the easiest profession for self-study at home: a competent person who is interested in writing can try to make money on texts. Another profession is in demand – not a single project can do without content.

Disadvantages of the profession: high competition. Also, copywriting is not a creative job if it is not creative texts. To write useful texts, you need to search and analyze information a lot.

Svetlana Guseva, Editor-in-Chief, Yandex Practicum:

– On the one hand, copywriting is really a simple profession to master, but there are nuances: if you are not attentive, meticulous and, most importantly, responsible entirely for the task, you can sit on freelance exchanges and get pennies for texts. And if you want to get more and develop in the profession, you need to not just write texts, but remove the “headache” of clients – this is already a kind of service for which they pay more.

Demand: there are more than 600 vacancies on now. Also, many companies are looking for copywriters in telegram channels.
Graphic Designer
What it does: Creates the look and feel of signage, packaging, promotional materials, and presentations. The designer selects the color scheme, shape, details and font, and then arranges to convey the right message and emotion to the person.

Pros of the profession:

● The creative part is very important and inspiring: the result of labor is always in sight, it can be “touched” and seen.

● You can work remotely – as an independent freelancer, in the state of a large agency or brand.

● It’s easier to find clients through word of mouth by posting work on social media or sites like behance.

● Successful designers can earn more than 200 thousand rubles, work with foreign companies online. And also – to grow up to the head of the design department or art director. You can also grow horizontally, mastering UI / UX or web design, 3D, illustration.

● Freelancers can also earn money by selling their work: posters, printing, merchandise.

Disadvantages of the profession:

● The first time will have to work on the portfolio at the lowest rates.

● The result of a designer’s work is often evaluated subjectively: like it or not, and the profession itself is not taken seriously.

● Working “by inspiration” will not work: every project has strict deadlines and technical requirements, and in large companies there are also brand books, communication strategies and other rules. Because of this, designers with a large workload often “burn out” without calculating their strengths.

● Just being good at drawing and understanding composition is not enough. You need to learn graphic editors and illustrators, get a good monitor and regularly pay for working programs and services.

Demand: more than 2,000 graphic designers and related professionals are currently looking for According to a study by the digital integrator AGIMA and data from, in 2020 alone, the number of vacancies in the Design category increased by 78%. Most often they are looking for designers with work experience from 1 to 3 years: they account for from 47 to 63% of all vacancies. At the same time, graphic designers are among the leaders in demand, along with UI / UX and web designers, interior designers.

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