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For $59,900 Is This 898 Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC A Good Deal?

Most people belong to the concept of ‘use it or lose it’, but today’s good price or no dice The Lincoln is proof that underuse can also be a winner. Let’s see if its price proves to be winning.

Do you know why hipsters burn themselves with a slice of pizza? Because I tried it before it was cool. The joke may be cheesy, but there’s a fair bit of truth to the idea that a value or fad is recognized before the general public embraces it. that much 1991 BMW 850i The car we saw yesterday is on the verge of becoming a classic. That said, before everyone jumps on the Bimmer bandwagon, we need to get a well-maintained example. At $19,500, yesterday’s car wasn’t snapping enough, but that was evident in the 58% No Dice loss.

$59,900, Is This 898-Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC Time Capsule Worth Article Image

Part of yesterday’s Bimmer’s fate owes it to the fact that big coupes aren’t that popular these days. One way to test that theory is to look at another theory. But when it comes to mileage, today’s 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC It’s on a different level.

According to the advertisement, this Lincoln originally only ran 898 miles, a fact so remarkable that it is repeated several times throughout copies and the seller claims it is “the lowest mileage Factory California Smogged Mark in existence.” That seems very specific, but the seller explains that only 32 of the Collector’s Edition cars are built to meet California’s emission standards. All others were federal vehicles.

$59,900, Is This 898-Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC Time Capsule Worth Article Image

This car appears to be from the collection and according to the nameplate the Collector’s Edition number is 0424. This indicates that the car was built at about a third of the way through the 1,386 anointed units. The trim package commemorated the end of Mark VIII production in 1998 and was marked by special gilded badges on the doors, along with real walnut inserts on the steering wheel and gearshift knob. Other identifiers include special floor mats and serial number nameplates. Color options for the model were limited to Cordovan Red or White Pearlescent Tri-Coat Metallic for this vehicle at an additional cost.

$59,900, Is This 898-Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC Time Capsule Worth Article Image

Under the bonnet is Ford’s DOHC 4.6-liter Modular V8. As you can imagine, this engine is virtually undamaged. The factory powers the Mark VIII with 280 horsepower, delivered through a 4R70W four-speed automatic transmission. Limited slip rear end. Chrome-plated factory alloys with fairly fresh Michelin tires underpin the coupe. It’s hard to imagine that a mechanical device needs anything other than to perform well.

$59,900, Is This 898-Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC Time Capsule Worth Article Image

aesthetically… Well, it looks brand new. In fact, the seller says it looks “as new” twice, indicating that the car may be high in fiber. Another amusing typo in the ad is the claim that it came from a “collector’s car defect” rather than a safe. It may have been originally purchased by chance by a collector.

For new owners to acquire this rare, very low-mileage Lincoln, there’s the small catch that it’s priced at $59,900. That’s a recent cut from $65,000 and a far cry from the $105,000 the car was asked for in previous 2022 sale attempts.

$59,900, Is This 898-Mile 1998 Lincoln MK VIII LSC Time Capsule Worth Article Image

The seller recommends that the car “should go to a private collector or be in a Lincoln dealership showroom.” I can see the glamor that Lincoln enthusiasts will add to their personal collections, but it looks like the car will stick out like a sore thumb at a Lincoln dealership full of crossovers and SUVs. I think it’s their own.

But when it comes to the value of this car, you shouldn’t be guessing and now is the time to weigh in on what you all think you deserve. Is this woefully unsatisfying Mark VIII worth asking for $59,900? Or are the prices insanely high as the miles on the cars are insanely low?

you decide!

Los Angeles, California, craigslistor go here when the ad disappears.

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