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Tears of the Realm: The Best Way to Get the Rare Diamonds You Need

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm is full of various items and resources to help you on your journey. Diamonds are one of the rarest resources scattered throughout Hyrule, and are well worth your time as they are both valuable and useful. Sure, you can sell them for 500 rupees each, but you can also stab one with your weapon to increase the damage to 25.

Unfortunately, Link is not accessible. high pressure chamber (or even microwave) can cook the diamond himself, so you have to send the sword-wielding boy out into the wild to get the diamond back. Diamonds are rare, so it will take some time, but as a diamond hunter there are important things you can do to make your life easier.

Do not worry. We do not use items. replication defect To do this (you can also choose to do so after obtaining the diamonds). So this guide should remain relevant after multiple patches.

Get Sensor+ to ping the location of rare ore deposits.

As you explore the cave, you will come across a large shiny black rock. These are rare ore deposits. If you hit them with a stone-fused weapon, you’re more likely to find diamonds (even in real life!). Rare ore deposits can be found in caves such as Passeri Greenbelt Cave west of Lookout Landing, Upland Zorana Summit Cave south of Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, and caves throughout Hyrule. , but ores do not always drop diamonds. Also, if you’ve emptied the cave recently, chances are that item will refill, but it’s hard to guess when that will be.

Enter: Sensor+, a handy item that can help you find shrines and various other items of interest you can get in the lobby. You’ll find him first at the Watch Landing, eventually following him through the “Hateno Village Lab” to the Hateno Ancient Technology Lab. You still have to do a lot of quests. But the flip side is that in the process you get a very handy Autobuild and a sensor to find the shrine. So it’s like killing three pigs with one stone.

To obtain Sensor+, complete the quests “To The Kingdom of Hyrule”, “Camera Work in the Depths”, one of the four “Regional Phenomena” quests “A Mystery In The Depths” and “Hateno Village Research Lab”. This quest is a bit time-consuming, so you’ll need to spend at least an hour or more of your entire game session to complete it.

Link views a diagram detailing how the Sensor+ works.

screenshot: Nintendo/Kotaku

By the way, that last quest will entrust you with shooting five different types of monsters. So why not knock them off beforehand? And while we’re at it, keep taking pictures of the rare deposit before we break it.

How do I find diamonds in TOTK?

So if you get a Sensor+ you can ping certain items, creatures and other things in Hyrule Compendium. To add an item, you must take a picture of the item or creature. For our purposes, we need to go to the map, press Y, and select a rare ore deposit. Sensor now pings when near an ore deposit. Depending on the size of the various caves, you can tour the different caves, hear the ping, enter and break rocks.

The camera highlights rare ore deposits.

screenshot: Nintendo/Kotaku

But here’s the problem. Diamonds are not always guaranteed. If you feel like saving trash in particular, you can save it before opening each one and reload it when you can’t find a diamond. It’s a bit tough with all the loading times, but it can work. I won’t judge you if you do this (most don’t anyway).

Overall, browsing the map with the various caves you may or may not have visited is one of the most direct ways to get diamonds.

Other Places to Find Diamonds kingdom tears

Rare deposits are the most common and probably the most lucrative places to score diamonds. But that’s not all. Hyrule’s regular chests, as well as various shrine chests, may contain diamonds, so try to open as many as you can.

you can also remove some talus They are enemies as they are likely to drop diamonds as well.

You can also go to the Dondon Sanctuary in Bronas Forest and feed Dondon’s Shining Stone. It can be obtained from glowing ore deposits in caves or from Talus enemies. You can get diamonds by feeding Dondon’s Luminous Stones. But since this involves finding one resource and turning it into another (needless to say, uh, kinda nasty, right?), I feel like hunting diamonds myself is more direct.

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If you have the last Good Luffy Farming You are going outside to get diamonds for increased attack power. You can buy them directly from the shop in Goron City for 1,000 rupees each (you can sell them for 500 rupees, so if you’re hoping to resell them, this is a complete loss. Nanny).

But whether you want to cash in some diamonds for rupees, boost your attack power, or just wander around with a pocket full of bling for whatever reason, getting your hands on a Sensor+ and pinging rare ore deposits is one of the best ways to do it. Scouting for potential diamond locations.

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