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How I made $7,000 on YouTube in English, without investment!

In this article I want to tell you about the next stage of my activity, and pass on the accumulated knowledge so that you are filled with your knowledge and possibly create an additional source of income for yourself!

It will be about the YouTube platform, and earnings on English-language content. I’ll immediately take out a trump card from my sleeve, and write a few important theses:

– Age is absolutely not important, this area is available to everyone
– There is no need to film yourself or record your voice
— Knowledge of English is welcome, but not required (translator to help)
– No investment required! All you have to do is invest your time
— The possibility of good earnings in foreign currency, relative to the salary at a regular job (especially for residents of the CIS regions)
– Of course, all the info from me is completely free, as usual, I work for respect!

1. My story

Last time I told you about the results and opportunities on the Tik Tok platform, this time we will touch on YouTube, it has become for me just the very next active stage.

August 2020 – I’m starting to take a course on making money on English-language YouTube from blogger Sam Jones, I watch other influencers, I delve into the study of YouTube, various directions and features

September 2020 – I choose a meme niche for myself and create the first English-language channel “Chill Viewer”, I start making videos and check how everything works here

October 2020 – I get the first views and wonder how I did it, because when I posted the video, there were 0 subscribers, 0 views, a completely naked channel and in no way was it promoted. At this moment, the understanding already comes that the topic is working

November 2020 – I take up the channel more intensively and start cutting videos. Some of them begin to rapidly gain momentum, if at the beginning of the month there were 50-70 views on the channel daily, then by the end these figures turned into 500-1000 daily views

December 2020 – I receive monetization on the channel and I’m already starting to earn dollars for views on the channel, I actively stamp videos, and daily views multiply exponentially, by the end of the month I reach 100,000 views in 1 day. I set a record for earnings in 24 hours: $ 79.9, at the rate at that time it was: 5900 rubles, in total this month it came out to earn $ 872 (64.000 rubles)

January 2021 – I set records for views on the channel (I did not set a record earnings, because the fastest growing video in terms of views received the Copyright label and I stopped earning from it). The record was: 152.000 views in 24 hours

February – July 2021 – I continue to upload videos to the channel at a pace, the activity regarding record results is falling, but thousands and tens of thousands of views daily bring their results, the average monthly income is ~ $ 400 (30.000₽), I also create new English-language channels, trying new niches

August 2021 – Present – Partially abandoned the channel as he switched to other projects. Due to the large number of released videos on the channel (~ 200 pieces), old videos shoot out from time to time (i.e., videos that were released several months ago begin to gain views dramatically and live a new life). Thus, the videos that I made 1-2 years ago still bring me income, about $150-200 (9.000-12.000₽) at the current exchange rate per month, although the channel is now abandoned

– While I was writing this article, I realized that there is too much information, some points have to be reduced so that the article does not turn out to be too large and difficult to understand. As a result, I decided to additionally shoot a video about this on the channel, where I will reveal in more detail the topic of making money on YouTube and share the stories, results of my friends, who, together with me, then began to run their English-language channels and went to monetization The video will be here: TYK

2. How much can you earn?

My earnings from the Chill Viewer channel, for the whole time amounted to: $ 6.850, which is about 500.000₽

Earnings strongly depend on the audience who watches the video.
Firstly, it is important what kind of person this is, for example, if targeted advertising algorithms understand that a child is watching the video, then the price of advertising will be minimal, and if the algorithm understands that this is an adult, solvent person, then the price of advertising in our video may already be tens times more expensive.

Secondly, the geolocation of a person is important, one of the highest paid countries is: the United Arab Emirates, Austria, the USA, one of the lowest paid countries is: India and many African countries (in principle, this parameter directly depends on how rich / poor she herself a country)

For example, on my channel, let’s take the average earnings per viewer from India, Russia and the USA:
● India: $0.69/per 1,000 ad plays per video
● Russia: $1.38/per 1,000 ad plays in a video
● US: $5.66/per 1,000 ad impressions per video
(this is the indicator for 1000 views, in which advertising integration was shown each time, in fact, ads are not shown in every video, and the real income per 1000 views is several times lower, it is shown in the “Income per thousand views” tab – see the screenshot )

— Business/finance/investment niches for the English-speaking audience, one of the highest paid, where income can be up to $ 50 / per 1,000 ad plays in a video
(and this, according to approximate calculations, is already earning $ 10,000 for 1 million views, which is almost 20 times more than the figures on my channel)

To connect monetization on YouTube, you need to fulfill 2 conditions:
– get 1 thousand subscribers on the channel
– gain 4 thousand hours of views, in the last 12 months

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