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How to make money on foreign YouTube


On foreign YouTube you can earn 5-7 times more than on Russian. Not everyone succeeds: you need a well-thought-out content strategy, systematic preparation for channel maintenance, proper development and promotion. Consider how to make money on American YouTube, where to start, what content is considered the most expensive and in demand.

Why English-language YouTube is better for making money than Russian-language

Bloggers leading foreign YouTube channels earn more than those who work with channels in the Russian Federation. A blogger from Russia earns on average $200-400 per 1 million views, while his American colleague earns around $1,000.

There are four main reasons for this spread.

Abroad more solvent audience. There is a lot of competition for users. Therefore, advertisers are forced to pay more to have their products shown as a priority.

More people speak English than Russian. This reason for high earnings is associated with a wider audience coverage. According to Statista, 1.5 billion people speak and understand English in the world, while only 258 million know Russian.

More advertisers. There are advertisers on foreign YouTube for any niches, including narrow ones, those that are not in the Russian Federation. For example, on the topic of alternative energy sources in Russia, there are too few companies that are willing to pay for advertising, and there are many more of them abroad, because this is a trend.

Foreign audience is more loyal. If the content is really high quality, people stay on the channel, become regular viewers, thank you in the comments. A greater number of comments and shares of the video leads to the fact that Youtube’s algorithms promote the video and expand the reach.

Some foreign viewers can even click on an ad as a thank you or donate to a blogger they like. In Russia, comments are rarely left, and most of them are negative, which, on the contrary, repels other viewers.

How much can you earn on foreign YouTube

Channel theme. Channels in the niches of investments, cryptocurrencies, cars, appliances and electronics earn more than channels about hobbies.
The target audience. Earnings depend on what kind of people watch the channel: gender, age, interests, solvency. For example, more people watch children’s channels than channels about investments, but children are not solvent. However, if the coverage of a children’s or family channel is large, then a good income is obtained due to the number of sales and potential leads.

Geolocation. In foreign countries, there are different standards of living and solvency. Allocate Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 countries; the highest incomes in Tier-1: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, United Arab Emirates. The lowest are India, Taiwan, many African countries.
View duration. If people only watch the first few seconds, there will be no earnings.It is advisable to make a video of 10-15 minutes or longer. This is harder, because you need to be able to keep the attention of the audience, but in a video with such a duration, you can already insert three ads instead of one.

Examples of Russian bloggers who make money on American YouTube:

Marina Mogilko is a business coach and translator, an immigrant from Russia. Leads 3 channels on YouTube in different topics. Average earnings per 1,000 views: $10.73 on a business channel, $4 on a language channel, and $2.71 on a lifestyle channel. One of the videos on the business channel “10 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn” received 1.5 million views and Marina earned about $10,000 from advertising in it.

Dmitry Tseluev is a beginner blogger. As an experiment, I started a channel on the American YouTube Chill Viewer. Dmitry was engaged in the subject of humor and memes. A year after the promotion of the channel, he reached a stable income of $150-$200; Dmitry received the first money from monetization already in the fourth month.
These and many other examples published in the public domain leave no doubt as to whether it is possible to make money on English YouTube.

How to create a foreign YouTube channel from Russia from scratch

To create a foreign YouTube channel from Russia, you do not need the citizenship of another state.  If you change the country and language settings, you can watch foreign content from Russia, you can also download videos in English from Russia, and they will be seen by an American audience.

What exactly will be needed:

Knowledge of foreign language. In some cases, a basic one is enough for compiling titles and descriptions of the video. For example, if the style of presenting the material without showing the face and voice is selected.
Quality content and ongoing trend analysis. Foreign target audience is more demanding on the quality of content. People want to see high-definition footage, eye-catching videos that are in line with international trends and style.

Step 1. How to enable English YouTube

To make money on American YouTube, you will need to create a Google mail with a foreign full name and the channel itself. It is important to change in the GEO settings. If this is not done, YouTube will determine the location as Russia and will not show content to foreign audiences.

From a PC – you need to go to the main page of YouTube, go to the profile menu and find the “Country” item. There you will need to select any foreign country.

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