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How to make money online and offline

Many Ukrainians in the conditions of war today experience difficulties to earn money. If you are looking for a way to make money due to lack of funds, being fired from your job, or just want to purchase an expensive purchase, you have come to the right place.

Today there are many options for earning additional income as an entrepreneur, and you can choose the one that is most suitable for you.Today, this area is widely covered by many bloggers who create “unique” courses for earning money remotely. In fact, there is nothing unique in these courses, because all the necessary information on any freelance direction is in the public domain.

What you need to make money online:

Highlight a skill that you are good at. To start earning, it is not necessary to take expensive courses and get higher education.

Find the first order. The most difficult stage of online earnings is the search for the first order. For the first work, it is worth setting a low price tag, or better, doing it for free. These works will be included in the portfolio and will help to find large customers.

Create a portfolio and submit many applications. When several cases are ready, you can create a full-fledged commercial offer and launch its mass mailing – on exchanges, in social networks, on thematic resources (groups in Telegram, etc.).
On average, it takes 1-1.5 weeks to earn the first money on freelancing.

How to make money working with texts

Today, any advertising (CEO, SMM, contextual and others) involves writing specialized texts. Everything that is presented on the sites is written by copywriters.

The responsibilities of a copywriter include:

drawing up a content plan;
writing texts on a given topic;
creation of optimized texts for key queries;
writing posts on social networks.
Copywriting for social networks is especially in demand today. You can earn on posts created for bloggers, shops, personal pages. It is not difficult to write them, and the cost of one small text for Instagram, VKontakte starts from 100 hryvnia.

Where you can earn: Turbotext, WorkHard, Kwork, Copylancer, Advego.

Required Skills: Good writing skills.

How to make money from targeting
Another popular freelance direction is targeted advertising. The name seems complicated, but it’s just an advertisement that adapts to the characteristics of the target audience of a particular company, store, person:

Setting up targeted ads is easy. You can even do this directly on Instagram (but better – through Facebook). You can earn from launching advertising from 5000 hryvnia per month.

how to make money designing

A web designer is a highly demanded profession in the freelance market. It is necessary to master the principles of work in basic programs, to understand the design features of various projects, to watch training videos.

Where else can you make money online

The four most easy-to-learn freelance professions are described above, thanks to which you can earn your first money in just 5-10 days. But the scope of Internet specialties is much wider; you can earn money online in other areas:

SEO advertising;
layout of sites on designers;
PHP development and others.
These skills require training. We need free or cheap courses, self-study or full-fledged training at one of the educational sites. The main thing is to get the necessary base of skills and knowledge.

Another direction of Internet earnings is call-centers. But such work does not belong to freelancing, but to classic employment. You can find offers for such a vacancy on classic bulletin boards:, avito, unibo, etc. You can earn here from 15,000 per month.

Earnings in social networks

You can also make money online through social networks. Today, the most traffic is on Instagram, TikTok. Available methods:

Network marketing

In social networks, you can act as a distributor, providing goods or services to large companies. It can be cosmetics, household chemicals for the home, healthy snacks – anything. To earn, you need to buy goods for a certain (set by the supplier) amount.


Advertising posts, stories, marks are ordered not only from large bloggers. To expand their customer base, many companies advertise their products and services through small pages on social networks (with up to 1,500 subscribers). You can find such offers on special exchanges:

In addition to exchanges for advertising in social networks, you can also use the standard direct mailing list to search for advertisers. Cooperation proposals should be sent to small stores, companies that are interested in promoting their business, but are not ready to spend a large budget on it.

How to earn offline

Earning offline is not always an unloved job from 9:00 to 18:00 with two days off a week. Modern realities allow you to earn in many other ways, among which you can certainly find an attractive one for yourself.

You don’t need internet to make money. Therefore, we will analyze the most popular types of earnings in offline top:

If you wanted to become a professional actor, but you did not have the courage at the time, you can easily find work as an extra in theatrical productions, movies, TV series and TV shows. If all the conditions of the customer are met, earnings can be accompanied by cash bonuses.

Express delivery. Another popular type of income can be with the provision of transport: a car, a scooter, a bicycle, an electric scooter. Sometimes it is required to deliver goods on foot within a certain radius from the institution.
Distribution of leaflets. Walk or stand and hand out leaflets to passers-by. There may also be distribution of leaflets to mailboxes. Perfect as an additional income to the main or passive form of income.

Work as a promoter. It is required to stand at a fixed point from the company and offer people the goods that you have been provided. Usually earnings depend directly on your success in sales or distribution.
Sale of unwanted items. Get rid of the excess and make more money. Sheer benefit.

Earnings on training

If you are confident in any skill, then you can easily earn money on it. For example, a nutritionist can conduct personal consultations with people interested in their health, improving the quality of life. A photographer can gather a group of aspiring professionals and teach them the art of photography. A physical education specialist can move into the field of fitness and train people who aspire to a perfect body.

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