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How to Make Money Online Best Ways to Make Money in 2023

Hello, dear readers of the blog. On this page I want to touch on a rather relevant and topical topic of making money on the Internet. There are quite a few ways to make money online, but not all of them are perfect and not all of them will be equally useful and effective. You will have to work hard, and the main thing here is to choose something for yourself that would not tire you too much.

First, I will give 11 ways to earn money that do not require special skills and knowledge. Just follow the link, register on the service and in an hour or two you will already have something on your account (your account balance). Yes, it will not be millions, but “here and immediately.”Well, then I will describe more complex, but also more monetary options for generating income from the Internet.

Ways to make money on the Internet without investments (2023)

If you do not have your own website, and also do not have special skills that you could convert into hard cash, then it remains to look for options from all the possible offers on the market.

I’m talking about various additional income opportunities that you can do in your free time (sitting at home at the computer). Let me focus your attention on the most popular tools in various niches

Most modern Internet users have accounts in social networks. And even if they are not there, it will not be so difficult to get them and make them “live” (fill in photos and posts). Therefore, I also classified this method of part-time work as “accessible to everyone”.

The tasks here are very simple – subscribe, like, leave a comment, watch a video, join a group, etc. Everything is very, very simple. They pay a little for each action, but you can complete it quickly and proceed immediately to the next one. And in order for the “conveyor” not to stop, register on all such services and there will always be work.

The best services for earning money in social networks:

VKtarget is the best solution for monetizing your accounts on social networks (Vkontakte, YouTube, Odnoklassniki, etc.). There are many tasks and payments are regular.

Kyukomment – here you can receive money both on social networks and on reviews (comments), which will need to be left in the places indicated by the customer (on his website, on the review site, etc.). An excellent solution for students and retirees who want to get money for small expenses. In order to start receiving tasks on the site, you do not need to study and make investments, which means that everyone can.

You to Subs is the most popular service for making money on social media activity (subscriptions, actions, etc.). Income can reach up to 1,000 rubles per day.
VTope is a passive income for those who have a computer and social media accounts. You only need to install the program (bot) and configure the proxy. You can save a lot if you buy IP for a specific social network (VK, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), and do not overpay for access to other sites. See the article about VTOPE for more details.

CashBox – there are fewer tasks than in VkTarget, but it’s very suitable for part-time work. There are a lot of interesting nuances compared to the previous two services, but you can see for yourself.

V-like – here you can earn on your accounts on Vkontakte and YouTube. Reviews about the service are very good and additional tasks will not be superfluous.

VkSerfing – here you can monetize your accounts in Vkontakte, TikTok, Likee, Telegram and other modern social networks. Very user friendly interface and decent job flow.

BossLike – this service will help you improve your accounts in the right social networks in order to receive more tasks in the above services. It works on the principle of mutual assistance – you upgrade other people’s accounts, and use the points you get to upgrade yours.
How much you can receive in social networks: from 100 to 300 rubles per day. In a month, everything will depend on how well your accounts are pumped.

Method 2. Solving captcha

You have probably come across such a thing as a captcha. This is a set of characters (in the form of a picture) that must be entered in the confirmation field when registering or entering any service or site. How tired of all of us! But, what is remarkable, you can earn money on it.

For example, webmasters and SEO specialists are ready to pay for solving captchas, but they do it not directly, but through services specially created for this business. Personally, I use three of them, and perhaps there are no more of them. If you are ready for monotonous, but simple work – go ahead!

The best services for part-time work on captcha:

RuCapcha is the most popular service (part of the Megaindex group of services). It is quite possible to earn 100-200 rubles for a few hours of work (with a certain skill).

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