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Options for remote work: who can get a job quickly and without experience

Now, perhaps, it is already clear to everyone that the fight against the epidemic will not be quick, restrictions on movement and contacts will be lifted gradually. Good for those whose profession easily allows such a format. What options do others have?
Even before the epidemic, some professions very often assumed a remote work format.

Professions with the so-called easy entry (not requiring special professional training).

The former primarily include IT specialists, graphic, UX, 3D designers, HTML layout designers and almost all digital marketing specialists: for example, SMM managers, email marketers, SEO specialists, content managers, traffic- managers, targetologists.

Be realistic: now many online courses offer to teach these specialties from scratch in a very short time, but the most you get quickly is a general idea and the basics. These are full-fledged professions that require knowledge and experience, skills are honed over the years. Even copywriting, which from the outside often seems accessible to anyone, is not as simple as most people imagine.

To work on them, a standard set of knowledge and skills for any modern literate person is enough, special qualifications are not needed. Some of these professions may require a little training at the initial stage.

but this is a short process and you do not need to spend your money on it – employers themselves teach newcomers everything necessary. Sometimes you need to own special computer programs, but if you wish, you can master them yourself. In most cases, it is enough to be a confident user of ordinary computer office programs.

Remote work with people

Account manager, call center operator, contact center specialist, telephone operator, dispatcher – no matter how they call such vacancies. But it is not the name that is indicative, but the content of the functionality. Such vacancies, as a rule, are of five types.

1. Sales manager

It’s a phone job. The employer gives you access to the database of potential customers, and you call them and offer to buy the company’s products or services, the result of the call is recorded in a special CRM system.

to which you are given access. You don’t need to invent anything – you will be provided with ready-made scripts (scripts) for the conversation. And you will not have to call from a personal phone – serious employers will organize access to their virtual PBX system. This is such a special computer program – with its help you will make calls.

It is psychologically more difficult to work with a cold database: these are people who did not expect your call and in most cases will not be happy about trying to sell them something, sometimes they can react very sharply. A warm base is a base of customers who are already interested in the company’s products (perhaps they went to its website and left a request for a call) or were interested in it before.

In any case, be critical of the promises of high earnings: if you do not have experience in sales, then at first the salary will not be high. Sales managers have low salaries, the rest is a percentage of sales, and good sales come with experience and in any case are highly dependent on customer demand.

What will be needed. Willingness to talk a lot, politeness and poise (it is important to calmly perceive a negative reaction to calls), the absence of problems with diction and the technical ability to talk (computer, headphones with a microphone, the Internet and a quiet home environment). Usually you need to get pre-training from the employer in order to understand the products and master basic sales techniques.

2. Order Processing Manager

This is also work on the phone and in a special program (CRM system), but a little different in essence. Here you need to receive incoming calls, and make outgoing calls only to those who left requests in the online store. It is necessary to pronounce the terms of the order.

check the availability of goods in the warehouse (of course, remotely, according to a special program), agree on the delivery time, specify the address, transfer the order to the courier service. Sometimes you will have to take calls from nervous customers who are unhappy with a delayed delivery or product.

The work of the dispatcher of various services is based on the same principle.

A similar job, but usually with a wider range of responsibilities, happens in companies that work with corporate clients (sell something to other companies). There you need to work with orders from legal entities, draw up documentation on them in the internal system (contracts, order forms, reporting), call customers, control the order execution process, and interact with the departments that fulfill the order on these issues.

What is needed. Everything is the same as for working as a sales manager, plus sometimes experience with documentation.

3. Manager with mixed functions

Some vacancies (most often small online stores) involve the work of both a sales manager (that is, calls with an offer to make a purchase), as well as receiving incoming calls, processing orders, communicating with the warehouse for paperwork, and even controlling payments, posting them in 1C.

What is needed. Everything is the same as for working as a sales manager, plus sometimes – experience with documentation, the ability to work in the 1C program.

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