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The most popular remote professions

Is it worth switching to remote work?

The remote format of work requires a responsible approach. And the employee consciously goes to limit live communication with colleagues. If you understand that these moments are critical for you, look for vacancies in the office or consider a mixed format.

Think about the type of activity. You can continue working in your current profession by simply switching to a remote format. You can also get trained for a new profession. Fortunately, there are a lot of online workshops, including free ones, on the Internet.

Do what you love. A high salary will not always be an incentive, even with a remote work format. Therefore, try to choose a remote profession that will bring pleasure.

Assess your level. For some professions, training takes many months, which may not suit you. Choose those vacancies where you can use existing knowledge or quickly get trained.

If your work does not require an office presence, discuss the transition to remote work with management. You may be refused, but if you manage to switch to at least a mixed schedule, this will already be a success.

Remote work allows you to at least save time on the road. The freed hours you can devote to your hobbies, such as sports. And the Halva card will help you to buy sporting goods profitably.

Whom to work remotely without experience

Remote work without experience is possible in those professions that do not require complex professional skills (hard skills). Among the options for remote workers with no experience:

Support Specialist. You can work with customers of an online brand on social networks: talk about the product, answer questions, accept complaints. This work does not require special skills.
Moderator. You can follow comments on social networks, deleting inappropriate ones. The main thing is to promptly clean prohibited content.

Content manager. It is more difficult to master this profession without experience. You need to understand the specifics of the audience of the social network, as well as the subject of a particular product. If the work is reduced to placing the same type of posts about products, even a beginner can handle it. The main thing is attentiveness and accuracy.

Taking action. The most elementary job on the Internet. You put a like, make a transition on the page, read the text, complete other tasks – and earn on it. There are large services that offer to perform actions online and offline, like Yandex.Toloka. They just pay a little for it.

Copywriter. Copywriting or rewriting does not require special education. And speed, diligence and meeting deadlines are also important.
Order Processing Manager. The client fills out the application form, you contact him, specify the details of the purchase and confirm the order.
Call center operator. You can work in large companies and remotely, answering phone calls from customers.
Online course coordinator. He accompanies the learning process and helps students if they have difficulties.


Information technology specialists are valuable personnel. Therefore, employers meet them halfway and allow them to work remotely, and often in a free schedule.


The most demanded remote profession in the field of IT. Developer:

creates and implements an application;
documents the code;
carries out a modification of the product, that is, it processes it for a specific customer request;
integrates the application with third-party services;
maintains and optimizes the product.
The creator of Java applications can claim 263 thousand rubles a month.


Testing is an important part of product development, because it allows you to determine how useful the program is in practice. You can test both software for computers and mobile applications.

There are manual testing, when a specialist repeats the actions of a regular user, and automated testing of a product. For the latter format, wages are higher, and remote specialists are more in demand.

Successful Internet companies need protection:

own products;
personal data of clients;
from unfair actions of competitors.
These tasks are solved by cybersecurity specialists, including information security architects and analysts, software developers, white hat hackers.

The average salary of a cybersecurity professional, according to the Top-Prof portal, with 3-6 years of experience is 110,000 rubles per month.Are you looking for remote work? Take a closer look at the vacancies of Sovcombank.

Data Analytics

The modern society is informational, which means that the ability to work with data is important. Therefore, data analysts have become in demand – even remotely.

data analyst

The specialist works with company data, studies the scope of its work, market trends, as well as consumer preferences. To make decisions even more effective, data analysts test their hypotheses on a small sample of customers.Based on the conclusions of a specialist, the company makes decisions on the development of its products.The salary of Data Analyst is at the level of 200 thousand rubles per month.

data scientist

A specialist in this field not only works with a large amount of data and makes predictive models, but also participates in the development of programs to implement his ideas. That is, the Data Scientist has programming skills.

Such versatility pays well. Their main task is not to create and analyze data, but to provide a reliable infrastructure for them, including the collection, movement and storage, and data preparation.

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