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Top 7 Motorola Razr+ Cover Screen Games Ranked

In case you missed it, I’m a huge fan of the new Motorola Razr+, the company’s first foldable in North America in almost three years. The internal 6.9-inch display delivers the standard Android experience you’d expect, but shines on the outside. With a 3.6-inch external screen that can run almost any application on the phone, the foldable needs to be unfolded to get the job done. It’s a thing of the past.

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Of course, Motorola has tweaked the experience so basic tasks like making phone calls, checking the weather, and controlling music playback are pretty simple. Thanks to our partnership with Google, which includes games perfect for killing time on the go.

Most of the games included with the Razr+ are developed by GameSnacks, a platform created by Google that hosts titles on the Play Store, the web, and even Android Auto. That said, several titles from that company have been scaled down and expanded appropriately to play on the cover screen. If you’re considering choosing a Razr+ or wondering where to start with your new phone, click here. critical Ranking of those external screen games.

7 golf adventure

I’ve expressed my hatred of golf, but even courses inspired by these ingenious putts aren’t enough to win me over. Golf Adventures is a victim of trying to squeeze games that are too demanding for its own good on a display that it simply can’t handle. Even in full screen mode, aiming and swinging the ball feels bad. It’s actually impossible to hit a shot with the right amount of power. If the purpose of this game is to provide a few minutes of time-wasting fun, you won’t find it here.


It’s really difficult to shoot this close to the hall.

Besides, the ball is blocked inside The windmill is on the third floor, resulting in a complete softlock. Call me salty, but Golf Adventures comes last.


6 tiger run

Have you played Subway Surfers? Do you wish Subway Surfers starred a tiger who has to dodge traffic? dice Knocked out cold by various vehicles? That’s Tiger Run, a game where you collect stars while avoiding oncoming obstacles. That’s fine, but you can do better. no you deserve Better.


5 Astro Odyssey

There’s nothing wrong with Astro Odyssey, but it’s too simplistic for its own sake. A de facto skinned version of the Chrome Dino game, an autorunner where you tap to jump over various rocks and other incoming objects. Setting a new high score can be fun, but after a few rounds you’ll find other things to do.


I died as soon as I took this screenshot.

4 99 Ball 3D

Why isn’t this just Breakout? Or at least a clone of Breakout? I have too many memories of playing Breakout on the postage-sized iPod nano screen. As I began to feel the true weight of time on my shoulders, I was able to relive precious middle school memories. Think what it could have done for my fragile, younger self!

Unfortunately, 99 Balls 3D is not a breakout. Instead, like Space Invaders, you aim to destroy an ever-growing lineup of balls that descend from the top of the screen. It’s like Breakout, they bounce off each other, but they’re not quite the same.


It’s not a terrible game and it feels a bit unfair to be annoyed that it’s not another ball bouncing game. Having to hit the ball multiple times isn’t quite as satisfying as breaking open bricks, but it has quite a bit of arcade-style charm. And the controls have problems similar to those in Golf Adventures.


Actually, wait. Why isn’t this peggle? Where is Peggle 3?!

three scooter extreme

Now we are talking Scooter Xtreme is a better combination between the complexity of the controls and the simplicity of the game design, essentially building a scooter-themed drag race with obstacles, tricks, and more. Your goal is to use speed boosts and perform stunts to reach the finish line before your competitors to give you an edge over the competition. It’s a game that needs to be played in full screen mode to really enjoy it. Otherwise, it is too difficult to determine whether an oncoming object is an obstacle or a ramp.


If anything can knock Scooter Xtreme, I wish it had a real kart racer on display here in front. Motorola, let me play a plain Mario Kart clone while standing in line at the grocery store.

2 Marvel Mayhem

As far as I can tell, Marble Mayhem is the only game on this list. ~ no Ported from GameSnacks to become the official flagship title for the Motorola Razr+. There are two difficulty levels to make it playable for all ages, full of dangerous pits or…


Easy mode enabled

It’s a really enjoyable title for a few minutes, but not enough to keep you coming back. First of all, the levels run out very quickly, especially if you’re playing easy. It’s more of a tech demo than anything else because it’s risk-free, but hard mode might be too difficult for some players. But the accelerometer works just fine, and the vibration effect can actually fool you into thinking the Razr+ has better haptics than it actually does.


Dark Souls by Marvel Games

Good game, but over too soon. I would have liked to see this build a bit more, but as it stands, it’s still one of the best games for a cover display.

But not number one.

One stack bounce

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. Resident Evil 4. Stack Bounce. These are the 2023 Game of the Year nominees.

Stack Bounce is one of the purest games on this list. All you have to do is drive the bouncing ball down the colored tiles while avoiding the black ones. Like Astro Odyssey, it’s a high score-oriented title. And it absolutely rips.


It’s complex enough to avoid feeling too monotonous after a few minutes, thanks to increasingly difficult level changes and a burst mode that automatically digs up tiles regardless of color. As you play, new shapes for the ball will also be unlocked, giving your brain the small amount of dopamine it needs to function.


Wait until TikTok is full of videos playing on Stack Bounce footage.

I’ve watched the entire tech community reviewing the Razr+ become completely obsessed with this title over the past few weeks. If you don’t believe me, check out Michael Fisher’s review where he mentions the game. many times. Even if you don’t want to buy Motorola’s newest foldable, you can try Stack Bounce right now. Available on the web on all platforms.

Stack Bounce is the perfect combination of arcade addictiveness and simplicity. This is the type of title that looks good on the front screen. And if you’ve chosen the Razr+, it’s a must-try app.

Keep coming, Motorola.

I’d love to see Motorola optimize a few more games for the front screen, even if that means developing titles in-house. Imagine a small dungeon crawler or a simplified turn-based RPG for longer gameplay sessions. The Game Boy Micro handled Pokemon games without issue. Certainly we can get a Binding of Isaac-esque roguelike up and running. Or maybe it’s time to download your old favorite Android game to see if it works well on an external screen.

Moto Razr+ by Viva Magenta (2023)

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Moto Razr Plus (2023)

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The Motorola Razr+ is one of the purest delights you can find in a smartphone these days. With a sleek design, huge external screen, and great software enhancements, it’s a great alternative to Samsung foldables.

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