Make Money on TikTok

Earn Money on Tik Tok

Despite the bans, Russians continue to use this social network, and some even earn money in it. In 2022, the TikTok administration banned Russian citizens from uploading videos and suspended advertising activities. In such conditions, it is more difficult for newcomers to break into the tops.

and for companies to develop their presence on the network. You have to bypass restrictions, use numbers from other countries and resort to VPN to make money on Tik Tok. From this material, you will learn how to make money on Tik Tok, taking into account the restrictions in 2023, what methods are relevant and what are the top bloggers’ incomes on the social network.

TikTok as a platform for earning

In 2022, more than a billion users regularly visited Tik Tok. Just over 57% of the audience are women. The site supports a vertical video format up to 180 seconds long, as well as live broadcasts where the presenters can donate. Much attention is paid to musical content – the site has acquired the rights to use a large number of tracks that can be inserted into user videos.

The main advantage of TikTok over other sites is the recommendation system. Users are offered content that is interesting to them and similar to what they have watched before. Subscriptions play a smaller role in the formation of the recommendation feed. Thanks to this innovation, users receive the content that they positively evaluate and search for. Such a recommendation system requires high-quality videos from content makers and allows beginners to take off as well — even the first videos can collect tens and hundreds of thousands of views.

Many brands and affiliates use this to promote products and services through content, collaborations, and direct ad integrations with popular influencers. TikTok does not directly pay bloggers and does not share advertising profits. The official ways to monetize content through the platform are donations on streams and tips. But TikTok does not prevent advertising integrations and does not downgrade them in the search results. TikTok Ads is available for businesses, as well as extended accounts with additional statistics.

TikTok has allowed many bloggers to become famous and make money from advertising. The channel for 10,000 subscriptions brought from 20 to 50 thousand rubles a month, depending on activity. Beginners received $5–25 for one promotional video, and popular bloggers from $2,000. As an illustration of how much top bloggers earn on TikTok, we can cite Danya Milokhin, who has developed a personal brand thanks to this social network and now holding one corporate party costs him 3 million rubles.

TikTok in Russia

The blocking of 2022 limited the ability to upload videos to accounts from Russia, and the verification is based on the user’s phone number and location. While the political situation is unstable, it is unlikely that the social network will return full functionality. At first, content makers tried to move to other social networks, but none of them is able to give such coverage as in TikTok. Someone completely abandoned the direction, someone moved or continues to upload content using workarounds – you have to put up with the inconvenience.

Content continues to be recommended to users, but now formally comes from other countries. Network users continue to actively consume content despite the changes. Interestingly, TikTok advertising integrations are not only more successful, but also cheaper than other social networks. This situation has developed due to the recommender system, which does not guarantee a high number of views for bloggers without hundreds of thousands of views.

This allows owners to monetize channels, but reduces their income from the site. Official TikTok monetization is also disabled, forcing streamers to use third-party services to receive donations. Tips were also no longer available to bloggers, but they required more than 100,000 subscribers to connect, so not many people were affected by these changes.

How to bypass TikTok restrictions

To watch videos on TikTok, all you need to do is use a VPN that displays another country. Works on both PCs and smartphones. But to maintain an account, you will have to get confused, and it’s even better to prepare a separate phone specifically for this task. To effectively bypass the lock and 100% avoid a ban, it is better to reset the smartphone to factory settings. All SIM cards are removed from the phone, except for foreign ones. If it is physically impossible to obtain such a card, then we use the mail for registration. Next, install the VPN service application, and best of all, create your own VPN server.

The last solution is more suitable for advanced users. After turning on the VPN service, download the TikTok application from the Market. Since we reset the phone to factory settings, we register a profile in the Market, indicating the country that is used in VPN geolocation. If you want to work for a Russian-speaking audience, then it is better to specify one of the CIS countries as GEO in VPN and mobile Market. To work with uploading videos, you should not use methods with changing the region on the phone and on the account in the Market, as this can lead to the introduction of restrictions at the most inopportune moment, and in most cases it does not work at all.

Many big bloggers, such as XO Team, Dream Team House, solve problems in a more radical way – they move to another country, change their target audience and continue to work on TikTok. The same Danila Milokhin left for the USA. The income of large TikTok bloggers allows them to live in rich countries.

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