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How to make money on TikTok: 100% working way in 2023

The popularity of TikTok is steadily growing and attracting more and more users. Accordingly, there are many earning opportunities. If you are thinking about monetizing your TikTok account, then in this text we will talk about several ways how you can do it.

The first way is to receive “roses” from your followers on TikTok.

On the popular TikTok platform, content creators have the opportunity to receive roses, a kind of virtual emoji gift that can be sent by bloggers’ fans. Roses are the equivalent of donations and have an internal currency that can range from 5 to 5000 TikTok Coins. In this way, users can show their love and support for their favorite content creators, making their content more profitable.

Each such virtual “rose” on the popular TikTok platform is valued at about half a cent. When an author’s account accumulates more than $100, he can withdraw the earned funds to his PayPal wallet.

Despite this, the use of roses as a method of monetization is more of a nice addition than the main source of income for a blogger.

Method two: Monetize live broadcasts

Once your TikTok followers reach 1,000, you will have a new opportunity to stream live.  Live broadcasts can also be an effective way to monetize your content, attracting more fans and allowing you to earn extra income from your live performances.

The bottom line is that during live broadcasts on the TikTok platform, subscribers have the opportunity to send their donations right during the broadcast. Usually, Tik Tok Coins are used to send donations, but the amounts can be much larger than regular gifts. To send a donation, you must pay at least $10 (at the rate of 1 Tik Tok Coin = 1 cent).

The platform commission is 20% of the funds received, and all other money is transferred to the content author. If your local currency account accumulates $100 or more, you can withdraw it to your bank card or PayPal account. This is a great way to monetize your content and earn extra income from your followers.

Third way: Advertise goods and services

Earnings on TikTok advertising is one of the most promising sources of income for users with an audience of over 100 thousand subscribers, as well as for those who have at least 30 thousand subscribers.

Today, advertisers are increasingly turning to content creators (especially if the author himself appears in the video) to draw the attention of their fans to products or services.

How can you make money from advertising? There are several ways, for example, you can advertise goods and services directly in the video or in the description under it in accordance with the agreements. This can be either hidden or native advertising, which the author will mention in the video, or direct provision of services by an example: (iPhone repair in Odessa)

But how much can you earn from direct advertising on Tik Tok? If the number of subscribers exceeds 100 thousand, then bloggers can set the price for advertising, starting from $500. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the content and its subject, which can significantly affect the income of the author.

Fourth way: Company representative

An ambassador is someone who acts as the face of a brand and represents it in the media space. In other words, a blogger acting as an ambassador will advertise the brand on his own behalf for a certain period of time.

Most often, famous personalities with great influence on the audience become ambassadors. Large companies invite them to cooperate in order to increase their sales. In addition, the face of the company can receive free brand products, discounts and gift vouchers.

Companies often look for suitable people themselves and offer them cooperation.

Fifth way: Promoting your business

If you are the owner of your own business or provide any services, then you can advertise them directly on your page on the social network.

For example, if you own a clothing store, you can showcase your sweatshirts and show the process of making them. Your audience may show interest in your products and want to purchase them. In this case, you just need to direct interested users to your Instagram profile, where they can read more information and place an order.

Sixth way: Congratulations

Selling personalized video greetings is a great way for already successful TikTok bloggers to earn extra income.

How it works: You create a personalized greeting video and send it to your customers to please their fans.

The cost of such services can fluctuate around $50 for each congratulation, depending on the length of the video and the popularity of your channel.

Recently, a new trend has appeared on the platform – TikTok houses, which are real houses in which groups of bloggers live. They bring their content together and create collaborative videos, which increases their popularity and therefore increases their chances of earning ad revenue.

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