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How tiktok account monetization works and where to start

Tik Tok is the platform with the biggest audience building potential in the world. According to the forecast of App Annie, an international analytical company, in 2021 the number of active users of Tik Tok will be 1.2 billion.

According to the Levada Center, in Russia, Tik Tok took 5th place among social network users, but the number of users has increased 7 times since 2019 – from 2% to 14%. According to a study by Brand Analytics, the size of the active audience of the social network for 2020 in Russia is 5.3 million authors.

What about Tik Tok? Previously, the platform also supported large bloggers and paid for views, but bloggers with more than a million subscribers used this. Later, monetization was turned off for them.

Now there are 5 main and most profitable ways to make money on Tik Tok:

Promote yourself and your business. This includes maintaining a personal expert blog and selling services, developing a personal brand, selling your products and merchandise. This is cooperation with brands, ambassadorship, recommendation of other bloggers’ channels.
Partnership programs. Recommendation of projects that have affiliate programs and share their income with recommenders – Canva, Amazon, Aviasales, iHerb.
Tik Tok monetization on live broadcasts. Similar to streaming on YouTube – you broadcast live, and users donate Tiktok currency to you.
Developing content for tiktokers and maintaining other people’s accounts. It’s kind of like B2B – filming and editing videos, producing, strategizing, and quick simple tasks like creating video covers or editing a video.

Let’s look at all the points in detail. Most of the examples that we provide in the article are the students of our expert Anatoly Gnezdilov. Their accounts can be used as a good example of monetization. Among them are both expert blogs and entertainment blogs, as well as blogs for selling goods.

Promoting yourself and your business

A format for experts in their field and for those who want to sell their products.  Until now, there are many unemployed and many of those where you can still compete for the attention of a subscriber – law and psychology in various areas, medicine and real estate, marketing and PR.

Through a personal TikTok account, you can monetize your skills as a lawyer – give video advice on the main topics, and then take the audience to Instagram and answer specific questions there. You can blog about dentistry, help people avoid dental problems, and then sell their courses to a loyal audience.

If you have goods, you can show the finished product and the creation process, care tips and customer reviews. If you are an author and have published books, arrange a duet with the reader, and if you cook candles, show how they burn, what forms they come in, what you use in your work.

Tik Tok seems to be created for the sphere of information business. Teach English – develop and promote checklists, conduct Gestalt therapy – run marathons and give consultations.

You can promote your brand and store. It is desirable that the account has a face, but you can also move forward simply through an interesting demonstration of products.

You can promote your network both through a specific person, and through a team or video of clients.

Even if you don’t have a brand yet, it makes sense to think about it for the future.Something that is typical of the image.


Selling ads is the most banal TikTok monetization method in 2021. It works like on all other sites:

either you become a cool influencer, and brands come to you;
or you yourself are looking for brands for cooperation, which does not exclude the fact that you must have a cool account.
You can:

advertise individual products,
become a brand ambassador
recommend other people’s accounts.
The brand sends the product for review, the blogger shoots a video and only receives the product.
Paid advertising. The brand both sends the product and pays for advertising. Often, along with such a request comes a clear task of how exactly the product should be advertised.

Discount. It happens that a blogger is ready to make a review and highlight the product on video and just for a discount. In the early stages, this is normal – as a blogger, you get the opportunity to buy your favorite brand at a discount and a promotional video for your portfolio, and the brand usually does not lose anything.
The cost of one commercial depends on the popularity of the author: the more subscribers, views and likes an account has, the higher the price of one post.

On an account with an audience of 10,000, a blogger can earn from 20,000 rubles per month. You can calculate the approximate income from your profile on a special Mafluence advertising cost calculator. Considers very approximately, but gives a guideline.

You can search for sponsors directly or through exchanges, for example, TikTopers or the Bloggers Exchange on VKontakte.

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