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Up to 40% off Game Pass Ultimate ahead of the July price increase

As we wrap up another exciting week in gaming, we got to see (a lot!) what Nintendo has planned for the rest of 2023 during the Nintendo Direct in June. final fantasy 16 It’s finally here, and Xbox is raising the price of its Game Pass subscription service starting July 6th.

We’re back for another weekend post telling you all the deals, promotions and more you need to know. In addition to featuring a few of the hottest products from Polygon this week, we’ve rounded up the best entertainment and gaming deals from the past week.

Best game deals of the week

It’s no secret that Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming. Grants access to a rotating library of AAA titles playable on PC or Xbox, plus day-one access to new releases like: starfield. Well, we recommend stocking up on subscriptions when you can, as the service will cost a little more from July 6th. The monthly price of Game Pass Ultimate increases by $2, costing $16.99 per month, and the standard Game Pass subscription adds $1 to $10.99 per month.

There are some retailers offering 1-month and 3-month Game Pass subscriptions for less than current retail cost, so you can extend your current subscription through 2023 or beyond if needed. However, the best deal currently available for Game Pass Ultimate is on a site called Eneba, which offers a 3-month subscription for around $27, about 40% off the current price. Also take into account that after July 6th you will be getting almost 50% off the new price for 3 months of service.

Other benefits associated with Game Pass include exclusive deals and discounts on games you want to make a permanent part of your collection. You can also stream your games directly from the cloud to your phone, tablet, desktop or console.

Nintendo eShop’s big sale for Switch games is coming to an end soon. In addition to discounting several first-party titles including: Metroid Dread and super mario party, many indie and other must-have Switch titles are also on sale. Here is a short list of a few games we recommend checking out.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is one of our favorite gaming keyboards and is currently selling for $150.99 on Amazon instead of the usual $179.99. The Apex Pro Mini is a 60 percent keyboard with analog switches that allow you to adjust the actuation point and assign multiple functions to the same key. The Apex Pro Mini is also equipped with PBT keycaps which tend to be more resistant to abrasion.

While not as impressive as more expensive analog keyboards like the Wooting 60 HE, the Apex Pro Mini is a great alternative for anyone looking to step up their game.

hero quest is the greatest game ever made, and anyone else who says otherwise is wrong. At least according to BardicBroadcasts, it is. current base Hero Quest Game System Some of the related extensions are discounted on Amazon. In addition to discounting the base game to $104.99 (usually $134.99) Keller’s Fortress and return of the witch lord Quest Packs are discounted to $14.98 each (usually $33.99); frozen horror Quest packs are on sale for $41.96 (usually $44.99).

Top Selling Items on Polygon This Week

Best entertainment deals of the week

His latest films may not be included. asteroid citybut Wes Anderson Collection The writings of Matt Zoller Seitz are still essential texts for any fan of the modern director. Normally $50, currently you can pick up a 336-page hardcover book for $27.99 on Amazon. Wes Anderson Collection A collection of stills, concepts, and commentary about the film from the titular director that begins with . bottle rocketto the end Moonrise Kingdom.

Since the first publication in 2017, Wes Anderson Collection has been expanded with additional entries for . French Dispatch, island of dogsand Grand Budapest HotelAll currently on sale.

You can now purchase a pair of less traditional LEGO sets at a discounted price from the LEGO Online Store. The Lego Mosaic Maker is normally $99.99, but can be purchased for $59.99 with a Lego VIP membership (free). You can also find an Everyone is Awesome Lego set inspired by the Pride flag for $24.49 (normally $34.99).

The Lego Mosaic Maker is a DIY portrait kit that comes with 4,702 single-stud Lego bricks to be applied to a 48 x 48 piece baseplate. You’re free to create your own artwork, but Lego also has handy online tools for creating templates that you can easily follow from your existing drawings.

video game of the year Author Jordan Minor highlights the best games of the past 40 years, as well as a crash course on the cultural impact of gaming and its history. The 296-page chronicle is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $27.99. It starts on July 11th.

Credit: Wren McDonald / Abrams Images

More than an author’s own commentary on the gaming industry, video game of the year It features over 24 influential tech and game critic voices, plus contributions from Polygon’s Samit Sarkar and myself, Alice Newcome-Beill.

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